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Posted by [email protected] on August 7, 2011 at 12:25 AM
Just downloaded the CashCrate Toolbar to help boast my monthly income. 
No Spam, No Problems!  I suggest every member downloads this. 

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Cashcrate Blog August 4, 2011 Toolbar Tips: Earn $5.00+ a month just searching!! Posted in Announcements by Dana

When you first use the CashCrate Toolbar and perform 20 searches, you get $1.00 (search results provided by Yahoo!).

Did you know you get 50 cents for EVERY 25 searches you do after that?

We count a max of 10 qualified* searches a day. So it would take at least 2.5 days of searching to get every 50 cents.

Just a little math here.

To make it easy, I’ll round the 2.5 days up to 3. So lets say you can get 50 cents every 3 days from searching. A 30 day month divided by 3 equals 10. And 10 times 50 cents equals $5.

I do at least 10 searches a day, looking for things I normally would anyways. And I clear my search results every day. That helps me keep track of how many searches I’ve done.


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