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Cash Crate is a great program to work with. A lot of programs make you pay money to advance to the next referral level or to even just cash out. Cash Crate is far from that.  I did not pay a cent to earn my monthly check.  All the offers, surveys, videos I participate in are absolutely FREE!

Get paid REAL money to:
-Complete Offers
-Fill Out Surveys
-Refer Friends

There is a minimum payout of $20.00 which isn't hard to make! Once you have made the minimum payout a check will be mailed to your address!  Simple as that!  No need to give out bank information or credit card info!


You will always know how much money you have earned.  Cash Crate keeps track of all your earning and you can check the status at anytime.  As soon as you log into your account you are able to see your earnings!  You will never be asked for your personal bank information credit card numbers!


Their referral system is great too. When you sign up a person you earn 20% of your level 1 referrals. Cash Crate not only pays you 20% of your level one referrals, but they also have a 2 level referral system. That means anyone who signs up under your referrals, you will also earn 10% of their earnings. When a referral gets to the $10 minimum you get an automatic $3 bonus! Not only can you earn all that money, but once you get more referrals, your referral percentage increase up to 30%. This is why Cash Crate is the best GPT site. Your earning potential is unlimited. Plus you don't have to spend any money to sign up!


You must be at least 13 years old to join. Members from the United States and Canada have the most offers available to complete, but members from other countries are welcome to join as well.


This site is absolutely free and I am willing to share my knowledge with you! 

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-100% free, no credit card required
-Good payouts
-Hundreds of offers
-Earn money when you're bored!


If you have any questions feel free to email me!

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